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Bulk Packaging

Since we deal in the delivery of high value products that often contain ingredients like rare herbs whose mesmerizing aroma need to be preserved and maintained at any cost, we make use of a foolproof packing mechanism. We make use only of the international quality of packaging material and source the material for packing and packaging only from the certified and trusted vendors who comply with the standard guidelines of the industry.

Packaging Varieties and OEM

We make use of the advanced packaging facility to pack our products in various containers and bottles of attractive shapes and sizes. Our aromatic products are packed in the sizes of 180 ml, 250 ml etc. and we also offer custom sized packing containers for the clients on request. We also deal with OEM packaging wherein we offer customized packing, sizes and brand name for the clients.

We have a well equipped packing and packaging facility through which we deliver consignments to our clients in a time bound manner. Our team of highly expert packers can package products of various dimensions and volume even on a short notice. We cater to bulk orders as well as small orders and our team is capable to deliver orders of up to 18,000 liter of processed natural essential products, natural flower products, traditional Indian attars, floral absolutes, spice products, fragrance products, hydrosols, carrier products and base products, oleoresins, spa products, massage products, certified organic products etc. on daily basis.


While packaging our products, we take care that our products are packed in attractive and stylish containers. We make foolproof packaging of our products so that our essential products and other aromatic products retain their aroma and freshness over an extended period of time. We make use of good quality material for packaging that we source only from the certified vendors who follow the industry’s strict guidelines and adhere to the quality standards. We package our high value products in a manner so that they may tolerate the extremities of temperature variation and the harsh weather conditions during their transit to the client’s end.

What makes ZOELICIOUS GROUP INC LLP stand out over other MANUFACTURERS AND Suppliers?

– We provide the best prices in the business due to our great relations with all of the major manufacturers.
– All bulk storage facilities are stocked with specific products to prevent any worries of cross contamination.
– We have a large quantity of all types of products so we sure to have what you are looking for.
– You are able to make custom orders by combining different nutrients and or chemicals to extinguish all crop issues.
– We are able to provide any brand name or generic products that may be hard to find.


We understand our customers may live an extremely busy life and traveling far and wide to pick up your product is not always an option.

– We provide multiple fast and reliable delivery options ranging from big brand delivery companies to delivering the products airfreight, seafreight and land freight.

-We are able to deliver to multiple cities, states and countries throughout North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia,  just to name a few. We also ship worldwide to all different continents. 

– Most small shipment orders are put together and shipped same day while our bulk shipment orders take not more than 21 days.


Here at ZGINC general manufacturing and distribution supply, we provide multiple top of the line contracted options for customers within respected distance of our headquarters.

– We offer both pre and post application with our state of the art ground travel.

– ZGINC Supply is partnered with the best dusters in the midwest for fast and accurate product manufacturing, distribution and application.

– All operations are backed up by up to date ZGINC- Synced mapping software.

Zoelicious Group Inc LLP is associated and affiliated with major trade manufacturing and agricultural bodies.

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